7 Beat Tihai #2

Masmoudi with split hand embellishments

Glen Velez Snapping exercise

Maqsum, Baladi, Saidi and Malfuf

This clip goes through the skeleton rhythms of Maqsum, Baladi, Saidi and Malfuf; and shows how to build up some basic embellishments.


The basic Masmoudi rhythm with some South Indian split hand variations.

Masmoudi Tihais

These are two Indian Tihais that can be used in the context of the Middle Eastern Masmoudi. This is not traditionally done, but it is a combination of the drumming from these two cultures.

7 Beat Variations

Variations for the 7 beat rhythm using Pas and Snaps.

7 Beat Cycle with Tihai

7 Beat Rhythm Cycle with Tihai